Artistic Touch Studio Is a great place to find unique and artistic ways of sharing your photos. We can start with enhancing and/or restoring your photos and then create wonderful products.

Digital Paintings- We take your special photo and create a painting that is printed on canvas or watercolor paper. Our Canvas paintings are enhanced with an acrylic medium and it is brushed on by hand for a very realistic oil look. This enhancement also provides a protective coating that ensures a long lasting work of art. These paintings can be duplicated and printed to any size which makes them a wonderful gift for family and friends. So weather its a great photo of someone special or a photo from a vacation if you would like it turned into a work of art contact us and let us give you a quote.

Photo Restorations- If you have some old and/or damaged photos that mean alot to you. You may want to consider photo restoration. We make a copy of your photo and then digitally restore it. and then print it to your specification. Weather you need multiples prints to share it with others or it enlarged to be hung and admired we can take care of it from start to finish. For the most accurate quote take a picture of it and email it to us photo restorations start at 20.00.

Photo Retouching- If you have some photos you took but they are not quite as good as you would like just let us work our magic on them. Using the latest techniques for photo enhancement we crop, Density and color correct,  remove unwanted objects, and blemishes to make your photo the best it can be. If you would like us to work our magic on your photos give us a call or email us with the details and we will give you a quote on working with your photos.

Gallery Wraps- These are part of our printing service and they are a great way to display your favorite photos. Weather its by themselves or as a grouping they really have a way of making a great statement. Gallery Wraps do not require any framing.

Fine Art Printing- If you are an artist or a professional photographer and you would like to sell your work but you don't want to carry a large inventory, let Artistic Touch Studio help you minimize the cost by creating a digital file for your artwork. Then you can order as many and what ever size you need when you need it.

Canvas Printing- Let us print your photos on canvas to create a more artistic look to your photos. We can print them on canvas as standard canvas prints ready for framing or we can print them on canvas as a Gallery Wrap and you want even need a frame. We also have digital art services that will enhance your photo to make it an original work of art.

Banners- we can design your banners and print them on heavy weight vynal up to 43" wide.

Album Designs- If you are some one that has lots of photos on CD's and Hard Drives and would like to get them displayed in an album, we have an Album Design Service that is perfect for you. Let us create a beautiful  Album that shows off your wonderful photos.

Book Designs- ok here is a great one for you. Everyone has a story and creating a personalized book is a great way to share that story. We would love to help you design and print your very own storybook. Some ideas for these books are, a book of poems you wrote, or maybe a favorite story you tell your children, maybe you have recipes that have been handed down that you would like to put into a book. What ever you come up with we can help you put it into a book and help you illustrate it.
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